Glass Repair and What You Need To Know About It

You will find glass in most buildings, residential, commercial and industrial, and glass being the fragile thing that it is, can crack, break or get damaged in such a way that it needs you to consider glass repair. You will find glass also in automobiles that your drive, both in windshield and side and rear windows, which often require repair.

Glass in windows and doors and show case windows are quite often in panels and it becomes necessary then to repair or replace only the panel which is damaged. In most cases, these repairs can be taken care of in situ, and it is only in the case of double glazing units, that there would be a need for a workshop. Small chips or cracks can also be repaired, without any need for replacement, but this is normally restricted to repairs that are very small and in corners where they not be noticed.

To replace or repair any glass in a window or door, it is necessary to correctly determine the thickness of the glass to be replaced and its type. The size of the glass that needs replacement would have to be correctly measured. Glass comes in definite sizes, and the required pane sizes need to be cut out from larger sheets to obtain the require size. The method of glass fixing in use at present, needs to be determined. Some of the older wooden windows or doors will have wooden beading or just plain glass putty that holds the glass in position. Modern day aluminum and other PVC windows have clips or other glazing beads to hold the glass. They will often be placed in rubber gaskets, that ensure that the glass is firm and not in a position to rattle. Putty in wooden windows needs to be completely replaced, while in the case of rubber gaskets, it will depend on the condition of the old gaskets.

Care must be taken to see that all the broken pieces of glass are carefully removed and disposed of, as leaving them around can cause accidents. Glaziers who do this work need to wear proper gloves, as glass not properly handled can easily cause deep cuts on hands and fingers. Glass repair may at times be also required for shelves, table tops and other pieces of furniture. Proper fixing has to be ensured for the glass which is replaced. Glass can also be tempered to give it better strength and this may be used in large plate windows and furniture items.

Windshield and automobile glass repair requires similar expertise. Glass used for windshields is special, has a different two layered construction, and its fixing to the vehicle is ensured by gaskets and very high performance adhesives. It is not uncommon for each model of vehicle to have its own special windshield, which will not fit into other models. You need to pay extra premiums to have windshield damage and repair covered in auto insurance policies. Windshields can also be repaired, if the chip is small and is in a place that does not impede the driver’s vision.