Skip Bins

Skip Bin Hire Rules and Codes of Practice

Skip bin hire has never been easier thanks to the power of the internet and regardless of how long you might need to rent one for – you will have to abide by all relevant policies and codes of practice. Fortunately, these legislations have been simplified to benefit both domestic and business users in equal measure, but what do they entail exactly?

Here’s a breakdown relating to the individual policies that are put into place when hiring a skip in Melbourne

Eligible contents

Most skips will be used to store unwanted resources before being disposed of, but as many of these external bins will be used where the public may be present, there are rules relating to the types of materials that can be stored. Hazardous materials such as razors and pieces of metal should be properly positioned and must not be protruding in any manner. Explosive and flammable chemicals are not permitted, nor are any oils that can leak and cause danger to those passing by.

Minimising risks

As mentioned above, the main risks relating to bins refers to the types of materials that are stored inside. There are policies in place that state that any items within a skip can be removed by interested parties – and it is the responsibility of the person hiring to ensure that all contents are safe and secure within. To help to minimise risks, many skip hire companies offer removable lids that can help to keep all contents inside without being tampered with.

Permits and licenses

If a skip is due to be positioned on any road side, or any area accessible to the general public for that matter – a road permit will be required. These are fairly easy to obtain and in most instances, the rental agency can take care of this process during the initial hiring, but failure to comply with the necessary permit can result in a penalty being issued.